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CRA Partners

CRA Partners offers a compliance solution powered by the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation. Since our inception in 2000, we have helped banks across the country earn meaningful CRA credit for ensuring safe senior living environments through our turnkey crime prevention program, Senior Crimestoppers. Funded exclusively by the banking industry and endorsed by bankers associations in 30+ states, Senior Crimestoppers protects low - to moderate-income seniors living in senior housing facilities, HUD communities and state veterans homes from theft, abuse and neglect. The hundreds of bank partners we've worked with have seen the impact of their funds firsthand. Our flexible funding options make it simple for banks to get involved through a community development loan, community development investment, or a grant--it all depends on your bank's CRA needs. CRA-qualified loan, investment and service test credit; 100% turnkey solution, no administrative burden; flexible, low-risk funding options; detailed LMI documentation for CRA exam