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Opening New Business Accounts – An Evening Program

LocationTBA Barrett Training Center, Nashville
Date, In-PersonSeptember 22, 2022
Date, VirtualOctober 18, 2022
Early Registration DeadlineSeptember 8, 2022

Participants in this three-hour evening program, held in four locations across the state, learn the requirements at onboarding and account opening that are governed by state law, federal regulation, or bank policy. Led by a new speaker this year, Suzette Jones of Training Resources Consulting, LLC, the seminar emphasizes the impact of this critical function of the bank’s BSA/AML program. It is a great overview of account ownerships permitted in Tennessee. Employees new to the job will find the evening eye-opening and informative. Experienced or repeat attendees say they always learn something new. Attendees receive a detailed, user-friendly manual that serves as an excellent on-the-job resource.


Continuing Education Credit
Attendees qualify for 3 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit for all four sessions in the area of Specialized Knowledge.