2002-4 Operations Specialist

Apex Bank
Operations Specialist

Job Description
Performs and monitors daily functions necessary to accelerate growth, enhance efficiencies and provide quality service to bank operations. Understands the bank’s internal systems and databases. Integrates and interprets data across channels and systems to support the bank’s overall data management program. Daily handling of confidential files and reports. Maintain knowledge of internal resources to mitigate disruption of services to customer. Conduct research projects to clarify and develop user needs. Perform a variety of routine daily tasks, review reports, and prepare correspondence. Collaborates with various bank departments such as marketing, technology, retail, mortgage, and others, to examine data and develop plans to meet the bank’s strategic goals.

Implementation and management of Special Projects coordinating various types of implementations within budget and timelines. Successful candidates should be able to demonstrate task management and prioritization, project plan development, cost and process management and presentation to senior managers.
Responsible for working on new projects involving new technologies and large volumes of data; successful candidates must be able to perform analysis, interpret results and develop actionable insights and recommendations for use across the company.

Candidate should possess banking experience and project management knowledge and have excellent analytical technical skills, leadership skills and initiative, networking abilities, troubleshooting, and be proactive and teamwork driven. Customer focus is also vital. Must have a strong work history, longevity with past employers, and detailed experience. Must possess strong to expert knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Must have a minimum education level of High School Diploma. A minimum of 5 years of Banking and Operations experience is required.  Must reside in Knoxville, Tennessee or any of the surrounding counties.  Relocation expenses are not available for this position.


All resumes must include salary requirements to be able to be considered.

Job Type: Full-time

Interested candidates may send their resumes to janet.simpson@apexbank.com.

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