2101-19 Real Estate Loan Processor


Title: Real Estate Processor
Reports To: Vice President
Date: 1/26/2021


Assist all branch loan officers to provide accurate loan documents by following compliance guidelines and contribute to the efficient and profitable operation of the loan department.



  • ASSIST LOAN OFFICERS by gathering requested information, preparing necessary documents and closing loans.
  • PROCESS AND COMPLETE LOANS by ensuring all appropriate documents have been signed, general ledger entries processed, loans set up on BancPac and collateral and credit files set up.
  • PERFORM SECRETARIAL AND CLERICAL DUTIES by preparing requested correspondence.
  • PROMOTE POSITIVE CUSTOMER RELATIONS by processing customer transactions, handling their inquiries in a courteous and timely manner and creating a friendly atmosphere to induce them to continue doing business with the bank.
  • ADDITIONAL DUTIES include but are not limited to, preparing denials and withdrawals of real estate files, logging loans on HMDA LAR when applicable



Real estate processors are responsible for assisting loan officers through the accurate and efficient preparation of loan documents and correspondence as assigned and instructed by loan officers. All regulations and compliance guidelines have to be followed to ensure all disclosures are given in a timely manner. All loan documents are reviewed by the supervisor or Sr. Real Estate Processor prior to closing for accuracy and completeness. Once approved by the loan supervisor or Sr. Real Estate Processor, the processor closes the loan or the loan is closed at the attorney’s office. The processor then prepares the necessary transactions tickets and sets up the loan on BancPac. The processor is also responsible for the setup of the collateral file and credit file and sends the files to be scanned so they may be sent to the branch location where originated.

The real estate processor is responsible for preparing any correspondence as requested by loan officers and loan supervisor. This can include phone calls, ordering appraisals, ordering legal work etc. 

The real estate processor must be able to use a computer with loan processing software, send e-mails, send faxes, and use a calculator and typewriter. Equipment knowledge and operation is necessary for the timely preparation of loan documents and information necessary to handle the high level of customer contact.

It is imperative that the real estate processor be courteous when interacting with customers to create a friendly and positive experience which will be remembered, and encourage customers to maintain a relationship with the bank. It is imperative that the real estate processor be courteous, respectful and helpful to loan officers while processing their loans. Establishing a good working relationship with the loan officers is necessary to provide the qualify service we want to give our customers.



  • 2+ years’ experience in typing and closing TRID loans
  • Typing skills
  • Calculator skills
  • Proficient computer skills
  • Excellent time management and multi-tasking skills to deal with various deadlines
  • High school degree or job related experience

Interested parties may contact Lauren McCallister via email at lmccallister@ffbtn.com or phone at (615) 446-2822.

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