2202-16 Bank Secrecy Analyst/Security Analyst

Tennessee State Bank
Bank Secrecy Analyst/Security Analyst


The Bank Secrecy Analyst/Security Analyst shall be responsible for observing and complying with all laws, rules and regulations issued by any applicable banking or other legal authority that govern the operations of the bank, its subsidiaries, and affiliates. The Bank Secrecy Analyst/Security Analyst is responsible for working with Risk Management personnel to ensure the Bank’s compliance with the applicable aspects of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), USA Patriot Act, Office of Foreign Assets (OFAC), and other laws and regulations by monitoring various activity and reports generated by systems and other sources. Additionally, the BSA Analyst will be responsible for observing all internal policies and procedures governing the completion of tasks included such as filing required reports with the government, reconciling system reports, reviewing and monitoring open cases, and review of reporting and system alerts indicating activity triggering investigation. Perform Security and Counterfeit administration functions as required and assigned. Personnel must retain independence and objectivity in all facets of their job.


Specific Requirements and Essential Functions

  • Review cash reporting, Currency Transaction Report accuracy, file reports, maintain records of reviews and reporting.
  • Review OFAC reports for any match indicators, escalate to BSA Officer.
  • Monitor for and follow up on any missing CIP or CDD data.
  • Assist in preparations for audits or examination.
  • Review alerts and other reporting data indicating possible suspicious activity.
  • Develop system proficiencies.
  • Complete specialized reviews for higher risk businesses.
  • Complete any required specialized board and management reporting.
  • Maintain files for clients exempted from CTR.
  • Assist in physical security reviews and functions, administer surveillance and other security systems.
  • Participate in all required staff meetings, educational assignments, and training sessions.
  • Communicate with branch staff on issues or inconsistencies, violations of policies and procedures, other as needed contacts.
  • Perform research necessary to resolve questions from bank personnel.
  • Maintain various monitoring programs for specific customer types identified by the bank.
  • Any other functions that may be assigned related to the BSA, OFAC, and Security functions of the Bank.




  • High School Diploma or equivalent, required.
  • College degree, preferred.
  • 1-3 years BSA Experience preferred.
  • 3-5 years banking experience preferred.



Interested parties may send their resumes to Jreinhard@tnstatebank.com.

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