Dolphin Debit Access

Dolphin provides ATM & ITM-as-a-Service solutions for your bank. Our solution saves you 10-30% off your current costs and countless hours of staff time that you can redeploy on more pressing matters. Our solution is complete outsourcing for your ATM & ITM fleet. The program includes: Dolphin purchases the ATM with its own capital. Dolphin purchases and manages all software licenses. Dolphin drives and processes the transactions at the ATM. Dolphin contracts and manages first line & second line maintenance (FLM & SLM). Dolphin swaps marketing screens as needed. Dolphin contracts and provides communication service to the ATM. Dolphin staff monitor your ATM(s) 7-days a week for remote fix & tech dispatch. Dolphin staff contract and manage armor cash loading services. Dolphin pays for all out-of-scope parts, software & service. Dolphin manages and pays for all compliance and updates such as Windows 11. Dolphin is equipment neutral. We own and operate Hyosung NCR, Diebold, etc. ATMs made simple.