Job Resources is a statewide program, built in partnership with TBA and iCube at Tennessee Tech, designed to benefit both the students and banks by connecting banks with ambitious students who have a desire to get into the banking industry as a career. It is an outlet for banks to post part-time, full time, and internship opportunities on a site reaching a college aged population. We are not replacing your hiring process, just making it easier to find talent at your nearest university.

Brought to you by the TBA in partnership with other state bankers associations across the country, BankTalentHQ is the premier talent management site for banking careers. It allows Tennessee banks to reach a nation-wide audience by posting job openings for your institutions, with the ability to purchase a single 30-day post or a discounted posting package to fill multiple vacancies.

TBA's Job Bank

TBA’s in-house classified ad service has been a popular choice for Tennessee banks for many years. This members-only service allows banks and associate members to post classified ads online and/or in print issues of The Tennessee Banker free of charge. If you are interested in placing an ad or replying to position openings (refer to position number) please contact Penny Powlas.

Current Openings Across the State

2111-6 Investment Operations Associate

Diversified Trust

2111-5 Commercial Real Estate Director

Pathway Lending

2111-4 Credit Underwriter

First Volunteer Bank

2111-3 Collector

First Volunteer Bank

2111-2 Commercial Credit Officer

First Volunteer Bank

2111-1 Compliance/BSA Director

2110-1 Legal Counsel

2109-10 VP Lending

2109-6 IT Administrator

2109-3 Portfolio Manager

2109-2 Digital Content Specialist I

2109-1 Loan Documentation Coordinator

2108-17 Chief Financial Officer

2108-14 Accounting Officer

2108-13 Client Service Specialist

2108-12 IT Systems Administrator

2108-9 Credit Analyst III

2108-8 Regional Bank President

2108-7 Commercial Loan Assistant

2108-6 Credit Analyst

2108-5 Chief Financial Officer

2108-4 Compliance Specialist

2108-1 Chief Credit Officer

2107-6 Compliance Specialist

2107-3 Controller

2107-2 Learning Specialist

2107-1 Digital Channel Strategist – Marketing Department

2106-11 Financial Institution Loan Compliance Consultant

2106-10 Lending Coordinator

2106-7 Private Client Advocate

2106-4 Credit Analyst IV

2106-3 Human Resource Generalist

2105-9 Loan Closing Specialist

2105-8 Mortgage Loan Coordinator

2105-5 Loan Documentation Manager

2105-4 Loan Administrative Assistant

2105-2 Applications Engineer II

2105-1 Commercial Lender

2104-12 Marketing Coordinator

2104-11 Mortgage Loan Originator

2104-10 Information Technology Operations Officer

2104-9 Mortgage Loan Originator/Apprentice

2104-8 Bank Consumer Compliance Specialist

2104-7 Bank Controller

2104-6 Secondary Market Mortgage Loan Processor / Underwriter

2104-5 Social Impact Analyst

2103-10 Bank Teller

2103-3 Compliance Specialist

2103-2(M) Fair Lending Compliance Officer

2102-9 Lending Assistant II

2102-8 Financial Accounting Analyst

2101-19 Real Estate Loan Processor

2101-11 Loan Officer

2101-2 Staff Accountant

2012-3 Credit Analyst

2012-2 BSA Specialist

2012-1 Financial Reporting Analyst

2010-16 Portfolio Manager

2010-11 Personal Banker I, II, III

2010-10 Part-time Personal Banker

2010-5 Loan Operations Manager

2009-16 Secondary Market Mortgage Loan Originator

2008-2 IT Automation & Support Engineer

2006-5 Senior Operations Officer

2006-1 Sales Representative

2005-8 Financial Center President

2005-6 BSA Officer

2005-5 Loan Assistant (General), Virtual

2005-4 Loan Specialist (General), Virtual

2005-3 Bilingual (Spanish) Financial Servicing/Collections Manager

2005-2 Bank Auditor

2005-1 Technical Advisor—COVID19

2004-1 Commercial Lender – Sumner County

2003-7 Loan Officer

2003-5 Bank Accountant

2003-1 Litigation Attorney

2002-5 Bank Auditor

2002-4 Operations Specialist

2002-1 Marketing Strategist

2001-11 Trust Assistant