Tennessee Financial Literacy Week

Tennessee’s Financial Literacy Week, presented by the Tennessee Bankers Association, was introduced in 2019. Each year during the first week of April, we call on all member banks to participate in their community with a financial literacy event. Activities can range from teaching school children about the importance of saving, a Rotary Club presentation on banking, or an in-bank event promoting a certain product or service. The upcoming Financial Literacy Week is April 7–11, 2025.

Use your unique set of skills and expertise to help address a serious problem—the lack of financial know-how. Participation gives you the opportunity to foster relationships in your communities, while giving consumers the tools and inspiration for a successful financial future.


Launched by the TBA in 2019, the first full week of April of every year has been officially designated as Tennessee Financial Literacy Week.  During this week, TBA asks 100% of our member banks to participate in their communities with a financial literacy outreach event. 

Tennessee Financial Literacy Week events are not limited to any age-group or setting, we just ask that the presentation be focused on financial literacy. This could include a presentation to school-aged children on saving or using credit wisely, seniors on safeguarding funds or avoiding scams, a Rotary Club presentation on banking, or a promotional event in-bank with customers to promote a certain product or service. 

There are several tool-kit presentations, worksheets, promotional flyers and resources that bankers can access regardless of how long the presentation is or the audience. Several of them are linked below, but if you don’t see something that fits your activity, please reach out to TBA and we’ll help develop or find a resource that works with your event. 

Yes, TBA asks that every member bank register their plans to participate by submitting a simple, one-time registration form on our website. This way we can quantify the impact to promote the collective good being done by Tennessee’s banks, and know which counties and legislative districts have banks that are engaged in the week. 

Using the social media hashtag, #TNFinLit, banks across the state can promote their financial literacy efforts in the community during Tennessee Financial Literacy Week and throughout the year.  The hashtag can also be used when banks promote financial literacy tips and tools for their customers and followers.  If all banks use the same hashtag, the collective good and impact from all banks’ efforts in Tennessee can be easily recognized.

Have another question?  Submit it to slangford@tnbankers.org and we’ll get back to you with more information. 

We would love to get as much participation as possible during Financial Literacy Week, but understand that many banks do financial literacy events at other times of the year. If your bank hosts events other than during the first week of April, please use this form to let us know.

Presentation Training Resources and Tools
  • Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation (SHCPF): Click here
  • FDIC Money Smart for Adults: Click here
  • ABA Safe Banking For Seniors: presentations, tools and tips for protecting older Americans from financial abuse: Click here
  • Federal Trade Commission Consumer Scam Alerts: Learn about recent scams, how to recognize the warning signs and receive email updates and alerts: Click here
  • ABA Teach Children To Save:  Resources and outreach materials to help young people develop savings habits early in life: Click here
  • Join the FDIC Youth Banking Network to learn from one-another and FDIC staff to support school-aged financial literacy efforts: Click here
  • Often reading a book to a class is a great way to engage school-aged students. Here are some ideas we have collected from educators that could be read in a school based setting:
    • Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday – Judith Viorist: Fictional story about a boy who can’t seem to save
    • Follow the Money – Loreen Leedy: Follows a quarter throughout the day, what it’s used for, and where it goes
    • Money Madness – David Adler: Money
    • Lemonade in the Water – Emily Jenkins: Basics of counting money
    • If You Made a Million – David Schwartz: Fictional story about a magician and his money
    • Ella Earns Her Own Money – Cloverleaf Books: Money Basics series

Bankers can also select books from the public domain to read to groups. Some examples of those can be found here.

  • EverFi’s Ultimate Guide to Financial Marketing Success: Click Here
  • EverFi’s Getting Started with Digital Financial Marketing: Click Here
#TNFinLit on Social Media

Below you will see Twitter and Instagram examples of Financial Literacy Week participation from bankers, legislators, and businesses from across the state. To discover Financial Literacy Week Facebook posts, use this link.