Evolve VCS

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Arrington, Tennessee, Evolve VCS was originally created to provide compliance review and educational resources to community banks. Those services quickly expanded to meet the needs of our clients who wanted an option for writing compliant real estate evaluations internally. Due to this growing demand, our web-based tool was created as a solution for institutions and other real estate related professionals to write regulatory compliant real estate evaluation reports when appraisal reports are not required or necessary. Some of the benefits of our product include: increased efficiency for bank employees, reliable source of non-interest fee income for the bank, decreased turn times as compared to appraisals, interagency guidelines compliant template, third party reviews offered, housed on a SOC-2 compliant server for secure storage, in-house and web based training available for evaluators, and dedicated support personnel to assist with technical support and/or report revisions.