Insperity is a 30-plus year-old company that specializes in HR and Business Solutions. A strong HR Strategy has 3 layers: Administration-Transaction-driven; Process-Event-driven; and Strategic-Outcome-driven. The first layer of HR is transaction-driven and includes being responsible for employee data and complying with HR-related laws and regulations. There is a level of complexity to HR administration in keeping up with the details of payroll and government HR reporting. The second layer is driven by events: hiring, firing, enrolling in benefits, changes to pay or job functions. These events are varied and often happen randomly, yet they require an established, consistent way to handle them. The third layer of HR focuses on achieving a specific outcome such as increased productivity or higher employee retention. This is where your HR practices help you meet business goals and objectives. We will achieve this by specializing in HR, Benefits, and Technology. Our outcome is to protect the company, contain cost, and drive top line revenue.