Luse Gorman PC

Luse Gorman, PC, is a Washington, D.C.-headquartered law firm specializing in the representation of financial institutions, trust companies, investment banks and private equity and venture capital firms with a presence in the financial services industry. Most of Luse Gorman's 19 seasoned partners have represented financial institutions and financial services companies for over 20 years, and many partners have served in senior positions with federal and state banking and securities agencies. Luse Gorman's extensive experience provides the firm with a unique perspective and advantage when advising and assisting its clients on regulatory and transactional matters. Luse Gorman has been recognized as a national leader in capital offerings, mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring transactions. Luse Gorman's practice includes mergers and acquisitions, public and private equity and debt offerings, public company reporting and disclosure, shareholder relations, mutual restructuring transactions, executive compensation and employee benefits matters, taxation, corporate governance, FinTech, regulatory compliance and enforcement, holding company formation, de novo bank formations and charter conversions.