Saltmarsh Cleaveland & Gund

In 1944, Thomas Saltmarsh, Harold Cleaveland, and Charles Gund pooled their talents and modest resources to form a partnership for the practice of accounting. Their success was attributed to their guiding principles of honesty and integrity, accuracy and thoroughness, quality client service and most importantly, the belief that service to the community is an individual, as well as a corporate, responsibility. Our first client was a community bank, and, today, banking remains a significant part of our firm's commitment and expertise. We take pride in building long-lasting relationships and have been nationally recognized by Forbes, Accounting Today and INSIDE Public Accounting as an industry leader, and we consistently earn 'world class' Net Promoter Scores from our bank clients. Visit to learn more and sign up to receive free reports, regulatory updates, and access to our CFO roundtables and accounting-focused training events.