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Management Liability: 1) directors' & officers' liability, 2) employment practices liability, 3) fiduciary liability, 4)bankers' professional liability, 5) trust liability, 6)financial institution bond, 7) kidnap & ransom. Property &Casualty: 1) property, 2) general liability, 3) auto, 4)employee benefits, 5) computer, 6) umbrella, 7)workers' compensation, 8) earthquake and flood, 9) signs, 10)mortgage holder E&O, 11) mortgage holder E&O impairment endorsement, 12) repossessed auto, 13) foreclosed property & GL,14) trust operations, 15) mail insurance, 16) fine arts, 17)lender single interest, 18) internet liability. Special Risk Group: 1) surety bonds including license & permit, lost instrument, trustee in bankruptcy, depository, insurance/licensing bonds, court bonds, paid loss retrobonds, work comp/self-insurer bonds, subdivision bonds, performance bonds, 2) mail coverage, 3) identity theft, 4) special risk including blanket lost instrument, stamp bonds, and transfer agents surety.