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The Southeastern School of Banking I & II

LocationBelmont University, Nashville
DatesJuly 16–21, 2023
Discounted Tuition DeadlineJune 26, 2023
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The Southeastern School of Banking offers a 70-hour general banking curriculum. Serving Tennessee financial institutions since 1939, the two-year school incorporates lectures and home study assignments. Students from both years attend classes during the same week. Some of the topics covered in the first year are bank financial analysis, macroeconomics, asset/liability management, investments, lending, business planning, managing liquidity/capital planning, sales management, and HR management. Students will also use the nationally recognized ABA BankExec Game to learn about financial institution management. The second-year general banking classes include managing up skills, a fraud overview, ethics in banking, trust services, credit and credit scoring, technology in banking, the changing bank environment, bank security, management, and completion of the ABA BankExec Game. This school is a must for career bankers.

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Tuition includes the cost of housing in double rooms. If a student wants a single room, an additional fee of $800 applies through June 26. After June 26, the fee increases to $850 and depends upon availability. To request a specific roommate, type in his/her name. If you do not have a preference the school will assign a roommate.
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To satisfy admission requirements, you must indicate, in the area below, how you acquired a basic knowledge and understanding in the following subjects. If a basic knowledge is not indicated, your CEO or other authorized executive of your institution must submit a letter with this application explaining why these admission requirements should be waived. Specify courses or educational activities. At least one field must be completed.
Basic concepts including the accounting cycle, special journals and subsidiary ledgers, payroll records and procedures, reporting operating results, the accrual basis of accounting, partnership, and corporate accounting.
Money & Banking Experience(Required)
Principles of banking
Basic concepts on the history, economic, and community environment of banking; documents and the language of banking; bank services; the deposit function; check processing and collection; bank bookkeeping; bank loans and investments; trust department services; and bank regulations and examination.
Money & Banking Experience(Required)
Money and Banking
Basic economic principles, the economy—how it works, the Federal Reserve system, the business of banking, monetary policy and its impact on financial markets and banks, fiscal policy, and trends in banking.
Money & Banking Experience(Required)

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The bank has approved submission of this application. The signature of the president, department head, personnel officer, or other executive authorized by the bank is required for the application to be complete. This institution does not discriminate with regard to race, religion, gender, or age.
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