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The Southeastern School of Consumer Lending

DatesMarch 20–23, 2023
LocationTBA Barrett Training Center
Discounted Tuition DeadlineFebruary 24, 2023
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Sponsored by the Tennessee Bankers Association in cooperation with the Georgia Bankers Association and the Louisiana Bankers Association.

The Southeastern School of Consumer Lending is an intermediate-level, program featuring more than 30 hours of classroom instruction in 14 modules within five-course clusters that provide specialized but well-rounded training in consumer banking. Recommendations for participation include at least one year’s experience in consumer credit or five years of general banking experience, in addition to prescribed ABA or college course prerequisites. Classes are held at TBA Barrett Training Center. Students will reside at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel (2100 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203).

Application for Admission

Payment-in-full is due with application.
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Tuition includes the cost of housing in a double room for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights, however, if you require accommodations for Sunday night, at your expense, please check the box below. If a student wants a single room, an additional fee of $800 applies through February 24. After February 24, the fee increases to $850 and depends upon availability. To request a specific roommate, type in his/her name. If you do not have a preference the school will assign a roommate.
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To satisfy admission requirements, you must indicate, in the area below, how you acquired a basic knowledge and understanding in the following subjects. If a basic knowledge is not indicated, your CEO or other authorized executive of your institution must submit a letter with this application explaining why these admission requirements should be waived. Specify courses or educational activities. At least one field must be completed.
Money and Banking
Basic economic principles, the economy—how it works, the Federal Reserve system, the business of banking, monetary policy and its impact on financial markets and banks, fiscal policy, and trends in banking.
Money & Banking Experience(Required)
Analyzing Financial Statements
Characteristics of financial statements and their analysis including the goals, methods, and tools of analysis, accounts receivable, inventories, balance sheets, profit and loss analysis, and their relationship to each other.
Money & Banking Experience(Required)
Consumer Credit or Consumer Credit Analysis
Provides an overview of consumer credit operation, examining the role of consumer credit in overall banking operations. Also covers credit applications and investigation, credit decision considerations, interviewing, and documentation.
Money & Banking Experience(Required)

Professional Information

Applicants with less than 1 year of consumer lending experience or less than 5 years of general banking experience are required to have written documentation from the CEO or the nominating officer supporting the request to waive this requirement.
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I have read the admission requirements and desire to enroll in the school. In applying for admission, I understand that I will be expected to attend all classes, to prepare assigned work, and to abide in all respects to the standards established by the school. I agree to the code of ethics set forth by the school. I authorize the school to release my completion status to the management of my institution upon written request from my CEO or nominating officer.
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The bank has approved submission of this application. The signature of the president, department head, personnel officer, or other executive authorized by the bank is required for the application to be complete. This institution does not discriminate with regard to race, religion, gender, or age.
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