Get the most out of TBA, FPSI in 2022

From continuing education to monitoring state and federal legislative agendas, the Tennessee Bankers Association and Financial Products and Services, Inc, are here for you. With the New Year upon us, The Tennessee Banker asked TBA and FPSI staff, how do you recommend members engage with the Association in 2022?


Sheena Frech

Director of Education

Connect with peers at TBA events. From conferences to Southeastern schools, we know that peer-to-peer learning and relationship building is key to our members’ success. Connectivity and camaraderie among Tennessee bankers are what makes our industry and Association so strong. Make plans to join an event that you haven’t participated in and recruit others from your bank to get involved. From seven peer-learning Forum options, advocating together in Washington, D.C., and networking at a Young Bankers Division event, there is ample opportunity to make a new connection.

Karen Tokarz

Insurance Consultant

Financial Products and Services, Inc

Think of FPSI when customers need insurance help. FPSI is best known for providing best-in-class insurance service to Tennessee banks in the area of bond, D&O, group health, cyber and more. But we also have been actively consulting with TBA associate members and finding ways to uncover local governments savings on group health. When you’re having us in to consult with your bank, think of us when it comes to your customers and communities as well. If you have any questions, contact me at

Colin Barrett


Learn how technology can enhance your bank in our FinTech Sessions. The TBA hosts an opportunity for you to connect with leading fintech providers, who can improve everything from internal efficiencies to customer interactions. Each monthly session, which is driven by input from the TBA Independent Division and Dave Hunkele of Kreativelabs, lasts 45 minutes and provides an overview of two fintech companies. For more information on how to join, contact me at

Brycen Kelley

Training Center Coordinator

Book a team-building event at the TBA Barrett Training center. It offers its members and associates an excellent place to enjoy quality and engaging time away for the regular day-to-day work environment. From the retreat-like atmosphere of the Veranda to enough open indoor or outdoor space to play competitive “backyard party games,” your team-building experience is sure to be memorable.

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