Financial Literacy Week in Tennessee

Billie Jo Parker, Chairman, TBA Young Bankers Division

Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners, Memphis

In the ever-evolving financial landscape, the role of bankers in fostering financial literacy is becoming increasingly critical. This is particularly evident during events like Tennessee Financial Literacy Week, where bankers are not just financial service providers but educators and community builders. The importance of this role cannot be overstated, especially in light of concerning statistics revealing a widespread lack of financial literacy among Americans.

A Bankrate survey disclosed that more than half of Americans are unable to cover a $1,000 emergency expense from savings. Meanwhile, Salary Finance reports that about 20% of employees exhaust their funds before their next paycheck. These figures underscore the urgency of financial education.

Tennessee Financial Literacy Week, celebrated from April 1-5, 2024, offers a prime opportunity for bankers to step up and make a tangible difference. The process is straightforward:

1. Appoint a Point-of-Contact
Each bank should designate a representative to liaise with the Tennessee Bankers Association (TBA), register the bank, and coordinate activities.

2. Plan an Event
Events can target any demographic and focus on various aspects of financial literacy, from teaching children about saving to helping seniors avoid scams.

3. Register Participation

By registering on, banks help quantify the initiative’s impact and demonstrate engagement across counties and legislative districts.

4. Promote Activities

Utilizing the hashtag #TNFinLit, banks can amplify their efforts on social media, showcasing their contribution to enhancing financial literacy.

5. Engage and Enjoy

It’s crucial for bankers to remember the profound impact they can have on improving financial literacy in their communities.

Tennessee Financial Literacy Week is a testament to the evolving nature of financial education and its expansion beyond traditional settings like schools. Last year, the event saw participation from more than 50 banks, covering more than half of the counties in the state. This remarkable reach illustrates the potential impact of concerted efforts in financial literacy.

The upcoming Tennessee Financial Literacy Week continues this tradition of empowering communities. Banks are encouraged to use resources provided by TBA, which include tool-kit presentations, worksheets, and promotional flyers, tailored for various audiences and settings.

As Tennessee prepares for another successful Financial Literacy Week, the role of bankers in enhancing financial literacy and well-being cannot be understated. Their participation is not just a contribution to the event but a commitment to building a financially literate and empowered population. Bankers are not just financial service providers; they are educators, guides, and pillars of their communities, holding the key to a more financially stable and prosperous society.


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