Get the most out of TBA in 2019

By Tyler Nelson, Vice President of Communications

From continuing education to monitoring state and federal legislative agendas, the Tennessee Bankers Association is here for you. With the New Year upon us, The Tennessee Banker asked TBA staff, how do you recommend members engage with the Association in 2019?

Stacey Langford
EVP/Chief Operations Officer
Take part in Tennessee Financial Literacy Week April 8–12, 2019. TBA is revamping and revitalizing how we support and engage with our members’ financial literacy efforts, and we are excited about the changes. Building upon on the long-standing history of the traditional PEP program, we’ll replace regular reporting of your bank’s activities and presentations throughout the year and instead focus our the promotional energy into the first full week of April which we will declare as Tennessee Financial Literacy Week. Look for more information as we lead up to the dates about how your bank can participate and engage in this exciting new campaign.

Sheena Frech
Director of Education
Sign up for one of our seven forums. TBA’s peer forum programs are available exclusively for CEOs, CFOs, IT/Operations/Security Officers, retail bankers, compliance officers, human resource professionals, and senior lenders and give attendees an opportunity to learn through moderated peer exchange in a small group setting. Forums allow attendees to build lasting relationships with other bankers in their field.

Angela Griffin
EVP/Chief Financial Officer
Pay your member dues by ACH. Two-thirds of our member banks already pay this way. It is more secure than mailing a check, there’s a faster processing time, and it’s more convenient for you. It’s also easy to sign up. You can also pay for continuing education training and events by ACH. Email me to find out more.

Sandra Johnson
Training Center Coordinator
Book a team-building event at TBA's Training Center. The TBA Barrett Training Center offers members and associates an excellent place to enjoy quality and engaging time away from the regular day-to-day work environment. From the retreat-like atmosphere of our Veranda, to enough open indoor or outdoor space to play competitive “TBA corn hole,” your team-building experience is sure to be memorable.

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