Next steps as an Association

By Colin Barrett, President/CEO, Tennessee Bankers Association

The last several months have demonstrated the best of the banking industry. And it has been a reminder of why we, both bankers and the TBA, passionately believe in what we do.

The TBA team has reveled in the ability to assist banks as they navigated PPP loans and economic uncertainty. Being there for you as you assisted customers was a source of pride for our team. 

Normally, we would gather at the TBA Annual Meeting to celebrate our industry’s success over the past year, but unfortunately, due to COVID-19, it was canceled for just the third time in our association’s 130-year history. Yet even without our annual celebration, the accomplishments of our industry and the important role you play have never been on greater display.

I want to thank Mott Ford for his service as TBA Chairman this past year. Pandemics and PPP loans could never have been dreamed of a year ago, and Mott’s leadership throughout this crisis benefited all our members and their customers. His efforts unified our industry and we are stronger now because of his dedication. As Mott hands the gavel to TBA’s new Chairman, FirstBank’s Chris Holmes, TBA continues its long tradition of exceptional banker leadership. I know Chris, with the support of each of you, will continue to strengthen Tennessee’s banking industry.

In the coming year, TBA’s commitment to serving you will continue to drive all our decisions. Providing bankers with the education tools you need to navigate this time will be of the utmost importance. Many of our classes will be delivered virtually with our team taking every effort to make the most of your experience. TBA has a strong lineup of events in the fall, including Training the Credit Analyst, Basic Consumer Lending, Real Estate Lending School, Strategic Technology, Risk and Security Conference, CEO, CFO, Senior Lender, HR, and Compliance Forums, Executive Management Conference, Community Banking Conference, and Bank Directors Retreat. All of these and more will focus on our changing banking landscape, and I hope you will join us or send someone from your bank.

And while our trips to Washington will not resume until next year, our efforts to impact policy, both regulatory and legislative, will be top of mind. With elections looming, our team looks forward to working with each of you and our legislators in the months ahead. In Nashville, our team is working with a large business coalition to pass business liability protections in the special session just called by Governor Lee. And in Washington, we will focus on making sure the work you have done to keep our economy afloat during this time results in the legislative and regulatory policies needed to protect your bank and customers.

I am proud of all the industry and Association has accomplished over the past several months, and look forward to working with you for an even stronger future.

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